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Home of the 3-Time Champion Zoomers!! SteveDubikDotCom
Let's Go, FIRE
Maui no ka òi
Chicago Fire FC Wieskirche (Church in the Meadow) - Steingaden, Bavaria, Germany eMail Me!!
Excellence with Class........ Looking for a place to happen..... Feed Me!!
(since 1998) SteveDubik@yahoo.com
You need to set goals and have balls to play this game!! Me with my Dad in the Hofbräu Haus in München.
The Beautiful Game Making stops along the way.

...a few of the places I have found myself:
United States Hawai'i Europe
MLS Cup 2003 Germany 2000
St Augustine, Florida 2002 FIRE v Hamburg SV 2000 Alpine Adventure 1998
Boston, Mass. 2002   Germany 1993
New York, NY 2001  
Washington DC 1999    
South Dakota and Colorado 1987    

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